Razors Barbershop & Shave was opened by owner Anthony Berriola in May 2004, with the hopes of creating a place that captured the rich history and tradition of barbershops from the past.  A barbershop was meant to be a place of community; customers could comfortably walk in for the first time and be remembered upon their return.  They were never intended to be stuffy or pretentious.

The environment at Razors is unique, clean, comfortable, and lively.  We do not consider ourselves “high-end,” we are a not a chain and each of our Barbers grew up locally.  We are fully licensed, creative, highly skilled, and knowledgable in our tonsorial art.  Whether you seek to modernize your style or are looking for something classic and “old school,” we can accommodate. We all share the same passion and are truly proud of the services and history of traditional barbering.

Haircuts are just one half of the main services provided by traditional Barbers. The SHAVE was just as important and there is a reason ours is award winning. Today, many barbershops leave this service off the menu, despite demand being high, and the ones that do offer a shave it is often done with lack of care, time, and attention to detail. At Razors, we encourage you to enjoy a relaxing hot lather shave and are confident that you’ll want to make this a part of your regular grooming routine.  Each barber in our shop is masterfully skilled and properly trained in the art of shaving and will take their time to ensure that your face feels comfortable during, as well as after the process. We do not neglect the bearded gentleman either, we have a full service menu for those that aren't into the clean shaven look. We can keep that beard clean, groomed, soft and free of itch!